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Accommodation with a great view in the center of Gwangalli Beach
It is a private recreation space with an in-room jacuzzi. It is entirely made of glass, so you can enjoy the sea view, wind, and waves all year round. Located in the center of Gwangalli, it is a space that offers convenient location, a variety of food, and sophisticated style. Make unforgettable Busan memories at CUZZI, a private space located in the middle of the beach!

숙소 안내


- 체크인: 15:00
- 체크아웃: 11:00


레스토랑, 공용스파, 매점/편의점, 카페


WIFI, 금연, 취사가능, 주차가능, 무료주차

숙소 위치

237, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Korea Theme Tower 10F 1002

오시는 길

🚊Subway 755m from Gwangan Station Exit 3 740m from Gwangalli Exit 3 - 1 minute from the center of Gwangalli Beach

객실 소개

2 queen beds, 2 single beds, toilet, shower room
Standard number of people: 4
Maximum number of people: 7
(additional cost per person: 30,000 won per night)
화장실, 단체, 월풀/스파, 오션뷰
기준인원 4명·최대 7명·기준인원초과시 1인당 22

안내 사항

🔸Standard number of people: 4 people / Maximum 7 people 🔸In order to maintain the condition of the facility, exceeding 7 people is not possible, and unauthorized use may result in a request to leave the room. can. (Check the entry screen using the entrance camera) 🔸Please understand that visitors or invited guests other than the number of people who made a reservation are not allowed to enter the room, and an additional fee will be charged. (Per additional person: KRW 30,000) 🔸When booking for more than the standard number of people, please make a reservation in advance. 🔸Please adhere to the check-out time to ensure a clean and better environment for the next guest. 🔸Check-out time exceeded (1 hour: 50,000 won) 🔸Infants under 24 months old are free. 🔸Simple cooking and cooking are possible, but smelly cooking or food that may cause damage the next day is not possible. 🔸Please organize food and trash in separate recycling bins and wash dishes in the condition they were in before use. 🔸Eating on the bed or bedding is not allowed. (In case of serious contamination, we will take steps to compensate for the laundry. Please let me know if it works. 🔸For the next guest, smoking and pets are not allowed, and if discovered, they will be asked to leave. 🔸If it is determined that a reservation cannot be made the next day due to odor, a claim for damages may be filed accordingly. 🔸We are not responsible for loss of valuables. 🔸If you lean on the front glass of the jacuzzi to take a picture or give an impact, there is a risk of damage, so be careful for safety reasons. 🔸Please keep in mind the safety of individuals, including infants, when using the facilities within the accommodation. You are responsible for safety accidents caused by your own carelessness. We would like to inform you that this exists. 🔸Attaching adhesive materials (balloons, tapes) to glass and painted surfaces is prohibited. 🔸Be careful not to slip when going up or down the stairs, and be careful about safety as you may hit your head on the ceiling. 🔸Please wear a swimsuit when using the jacuzzi. 🔸The use of bath salts in the jacuzzi is prohibited as there is a high risk of backflow in the pipes and discoloration of the tiles. 🔸Please refrain from eating or drinking in the jacuzzi.

취소/환불 규정

✅No cancellation fee for the amount paid up to 11 days before use ✅80% of the payment amount is deducted from 10 days before use to 8 days before use. ✅85% of the payment amount is deducted from 7 days before use to 4 days before use. ✅90% of the payment amount is deducted from 3 days before use to 2 days before use. ✅Cancellation not possible 1 day before use ~ on the day of use

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