Hanhwa Resort Haeundae
1501박 (최저)
HAEUNDAE offers a panoramic view of Busan's wonderful transformation. HANWHA RESORTS/HAEUNDAE is becoming the landmark of Busan due to its magnificent view of the Gwangan Bridge. As part of Busan's extravagant transformation, the resort was renovated in 2011 into a sophisticated and modern resort. The resort took its name from the province in Italy, where the Roman emperors took their holidays surrounded by great views of nature. Likewise, HANWHA RESORTS/HAEUNDAE was designed to see the magnificence of Busan at a glance. The hotel-type accommodations will provide you with a pleasant environment, and the exquisite cuisine at the sky lounge is delectably unforgettable.

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- 체크인: 14:00
- 체크아웃: 11:00


레스토랑, 비즈니스센터, 매점/편의점, 카페, 연회장, 세미나실


짐보관, WIFI, 주차가능, 무료주차, 바/라운지, 조식 서비스

숙소 위치

부산 해운대구 마린시티3로 52 한화리조트

오시는 길

🗺️ 52 Marine city 3-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea, HANWHA RESORTS Haeundae

객실 소개

- Furniture: Bed/table/dining chair/sofa/tea table
- Appliance: Electric rice cooker/electric Porter/TV/Refrigerator/Dryer
- Other: Face towel/Mat towels/soap/blankets/mattress/pillow
취사가능, 침대방, 더블베드, 가족실, 오션뷰
기준인원 2명·최대 4명·기준인원초과시 1인당 30

안내 사항

🔸Up to 2 people can be added per room with additional charges for extra guests; there will not be any separate amenities provided for additional guests. (Additional guest: 5,000 KRW per person/Children under 6 : Free) 🔸Additional bedding: 10,000 KRW per bed 🔸Housekeeping: Deluxe, Suite 20,000 KRW/Royal 30,000 KRW (Housekeeping (excl. kitchen) Must register before 11 a.m.) 🔸Towels: Free if towels are returned/ Fee will be charged if not returned(1,000 KRW per towel )

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